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Zeal and OneLicense 

We are pleased to announce that beginning with the 2021 edition of The Living Church Acclaims, reporting and refrains will be available through OneLicense.

Click here to see specific OneLicense links for upcoming liturgies. Many more links will be added over the next two weeks.

Subscribers to TLCA Online 2021 also have direct OneLicense links available for each liturgy.

Click here to see all of TLCA at OneLicense—links for liturgies through the end of 2020 are complete.




TLCA 2021 - Now Available! 

We are so grateful to be able to contribute to your music ministry. Also, thank you to those who gave feedback—we are looking at the possibility of permanent editions for TLCA 2022.

We are happy to announce that OCP is now the sole distributor of TLCA printed editions. PDF editions are available at both OCP and Zeal. And the convenient TLCA Online is available through Zeal.

Scot Crandal

One-question, Anonymous Survey 

Click here to take the easiest survey ever!

I'm looking for feedback on the publication style of The Living Church Acclaims.

Scot Crandal

TLCA 2019 is now available 

We are so happy to report that TLCA 2019 is now available through Zeal and OCP earlier than ever. This is the 5th annual edition and it's popularity continues to grow. New this year is a complete online, à la carte edition, with everything you need on one page for each liturgy including a guitar/vocal, keyboard/vocal, recording, assembly edition, and readings.

Meditations - a new, ongoing project 

I'm excited to begin composing for my project, "Meditations". It'll consist of shorter pieces for piano that work well during communion, or any other time where instrumental music is needed. Both recordings and scores will be available and the first one is out today. I hope you get the chance to try them out. -Scot


TLCA Testimonial 

"We have been using TLCA for two years at St. Mary's Cathedral and have thoroughly enjoyed it. The refrains are easily learned by the assembly and beautifully arranged for the choir. The verses are interesting yet straight-forward for the cantor. The best part about TLCA is having fresh, new accessible psalm settings and Gospel acclamations for the entire liturgical year in one book, making it super easy to use. I love this psalm resource." 

-Angela Westhoff-Johnson 
Music Director at St. Mary's Cathedral 
Portland, Oregon