The Living Church Acclaims (TLCA)

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"Contemporary liturgical music ensembles will find this resource easy to use and full of life for their assemblies." 
- from the review in NPM's magazine, Pastoral Music


Contemporary Responsorial Psalms and Gospel Acclamations with easy-to-follow, through-composed verses

100% official texts from the Roman Catholic Lectionary, approved by the USCCB

Often used as a complement or alternative to resources like Respond & Acclaim and Spirit & Psalm

Available through OCP and Zeal in three ways:

  1. TLCA Online • all scores and recordings on one web page: Zeal only
  2. PDF format • great for tablets, printing: OCP & Zeal
  3. Coil-bound printed editions • OCP only
TLCA 2019

Music by Scot Crandal

Dear fellow church musicians,

Thank you for visiting and learning more about The Living Church Acclaims (TLCA). TLCA provides a fresh-sounding, easy-to-learn, contemporary musical setting of the appointed responsorial psalm & Gospel acclamation for each Sunday and holy day of the liturgical year. It serves equally well as a weekly psalm & Gospel acclamation resource or as a complement to your existing repertoire. Like Respond & Acclaim, there are six different Gospel acclamation melodies used throughout the book.

TLCA uses 100% official texts from the Roman Catholic Lectionary and is approved by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). The verses may be sung in rhythm or chanted while accompanists play chords as needed. Refrains for the assembly are online at the TLCA Refrains page. Feel free to download a preview copy [Guitar/Vocal or Keyboard/Vocal], read NPM's review, and listen to some recordings. My hope is that TLCA contributes meaningfully to your music ministry.

Scot Crandal, Church Musician & Composer

"We have been using TLCA for four years at St. Mary's Cathedral for our weekly contemporary liturgy and have thoroughly enjoyed it. The refrains are easily learned by the assembly and beautifully arranged for the ensemble. The verses are interesting yet straight-forward for the cantor. The best part about TLCA is having fresh, new accessible psalm settings and Gospel acclamations for the entire liturgical year in one book, making it super easy to use. I love this psalm resource."

–Angela Westhoff-Johnson
Music Director at St. Mary's Cathedral
Portland, Oregon


Recordings are available to stream and download for each liturgy. Instrumental-only tracks are also included. Only one purchase per parish is necessary. Access all recordings and scores through TLCA Online.

OCP's video of Scot singing Psalm 27

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